How to handle crisis situations over digital channels

How to handle crisis situations over digital channels

A week has passed since my latest online course and yet today I am already launching a new one, the third. I prepared it in record time because you asked me urgently, given the high volume of digital conversations that many customer service / contact centers are managing, due to the current global situation. I come to the point: some customers have criticized and sometimes massively attacked companies on social media and online review sites; consequently the latter found themselves in difficulty on how, when and in which cases to respond. The answer is the online course ‘Crisis Response Digital Customer Service’.

How it works

1. Crisis prevention – one-on-one video consultancy to help you move between customer’s attacks and criticisms, with best practices. Consequently, to prevent crises on your ‘public’ online channels (i.e. social media and online review sites)

2. Crisis response – interactive aboratory where we analyze and optimize the most complex conversations you have already managed on digital channels. Plus: this online classroom is also opened to your customer service team (up to 5 people!).

3. Action plan – video de-briefing sessions on the results you have achieved and consultancy for further strategic developments for your Digital Customer Service [see options on the course page].

Good reasons to buy it

  • To respond to crisis / customer attacks on ‘public’ channels: social media and online review sites (e.g. GoogleMyBusiness and Trustpilot)
  • To increase the skills of your team thanks to an online laboratory
  • To have as a coach a Digital Customer Service specialist who has been working for years with companies of various industries and sizes

What you’ll bring home

  • Effective techniques to prevent and manage crisis / attacks on your online channels
  • Your customer team learns to handle even the most complex conversations with customers
  • Constant interaction and assistance with the teacher
  • Teaching material [ebook]
  • The ‘Crisis Response Digital Customer Service’ certificate to proudly show off on your LinkedIn profile

What are you waiting for?

Check out all information on Crisis Response Digital Customer Service!

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