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#Gmail inbox emails’ new features…

#Gmail inbox emails' new features http://t.co/4MACBxatA5 Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 29, 2013 Gmail Gets a Brand New InboxAs rumored, the Gmail inbox is getting a new look on the desktop, iOS and Android. The new inbox matches leaked screenshots that appeared at the end of last week and it shows off a look that is more [...]

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Facebook Launches Verified Accounts…

Facebook Launches Verified Accounts http://t.co/YhARtQRZIH Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 29, 2013 Facebook Launches Verified AccountsDid the real Justin Bieber just send you a friend request? Now you can know for sure, thanks to a new Facebook feature: Verified Pages. Much like verified accounts on Twitter, verified Facebook pages will now display a small blue check mark [...]

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When do customers & #marketing really Rock!…

When do customers & #marketing really Rock! http://t.co/wwFhSFObWx Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 29, 2013 This is How You Use Your Customers For Marketing!I was scrolling through Facebook last week when I came across this post from Lexus. Immediately, I got excited! Granted, I wasn't excited so much for the content but for the way in which [...]

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Your customers will judge your Brand and share it….

Your customers will judge your Brand and share it. BEWARE: it's going to be #viral ! http://t.co/gjmQfDrF7L Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 29, 2013 Monsanto, Abercrombie & Fitch, and the Greatest New Threat to Your Brand: Your CustomersVideoAt the end of 2010 I wrote about the 'Coming Decade of Radical Transparency.' My prediction for 2012 was the [...]

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#Blogger: 5 pillole per aiutarti contro l’ansia da…

#Blogger: 5 pillole per aiutarti contro l'ansia da 'Post': http://t.co/ogkSN0lUdI Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 29, 2013 #Blogger: 5 pillole per aiutarti contro l'ansia da 'Post'Come aiutare i Blogger a combattere l'ansia da produttività Ti è mai capitato di scrivere un post e trovarti di fronte ad un imprevisto? Può succedere a tutti, persino ai Blogger più [...]

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