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La giornata tipica del #Socialholic :-)…

La giornata tipica del #Socialholic :-) Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 30, 2013 La giornata tipica del Socialcoso | Davide LicordariOre 7-7,30: sveglia. non ci si alza subito però, prima bisogna controllare le notifiche del cellulare. Metti che nella notte un filippino/indonesiano/messicano ha fatto like sulla foto della scaloppa che ho messo su Instagram, devo saperlo, [...]

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#SocialMedia lead conversion rates are 13% higher…

#SocialMedia lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 30, 2013 18 Fresh Stats About the Current State of Social Media MarketingAt some point or another, we've all heard people spout off about the "death" of social media. One day someone announces a boycott of Facebook, Twitter, [...]

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Could #LinkedIn contacts become a #SocialCRM tool?…

Could #LinkedIn contacts become a #SocialCRM tool? Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 30, 2013 Could LinkedIn Contacts Become LinkedIn Social CRM? - Strategic Public RelationsLinkedIn's new Contacts app is designed to help users stay in touch with important business contacts and build contacts with others. According to Mashable: "LinkedIn Contacts integrates into your email, mobile address [...]

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4 Easy steps to optimize your #LinkedIn profile…

4 Easy steps to optimize your #LinkedIn profile Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 30, 2013 How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: 4 Tips for Success - t2SocialLinkedIn can be one of your strongest business resources, but you first need to optimize your LinkedIn profile. There are hundreds of millions of users on LinkedIn, the majority of [...]

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#SocialMedia can also be ‘funky’

#SocialMedia can also be 'funky' #transmediacoalition via @transmediacoalition Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 30, 2013 How an Everyday Life Event can Become a Transmedia EventSome days ago a friend of mine, owner of music bar close to my house, decided to plan a Funky Night with a Dj in 15 days. From that idea I started [...]

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