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Content Marketing is vital, big brands say…#SMM…

Content Marketing is vital, big brands say...#SMM http://t.co/1huKKmL6jk Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 05, 2013 5 Big Brands Confirm That Content Marketing Is The Key To Your ConsumerImage sourced from Daily Blogma 2012 has been the year of growth for content marketing. Brands have begun to embrace the discipline as a vital part of their overall strategy. [...]

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#Social AD spending: current status & forecast…

#Social AD spending: current status & forecast (Infographic) http://t.co/gvB5Cblssb Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 05, 2013 Social Ad Spending Forecast [INFOGRAPHIC] | Social Media TodaySocial media ad revenues expected to grow to $11 billion dollars by the year 2017. Facebook alone is expected to make close to $1 billion from its mobile ad revenue in 2013. Many [...]

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