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#SocialMedia are meaningless without face-to-face…

#SocialMedia are meaningless without face-to-face visits http://t.co/W4fDoSxQDr Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 18, 2013 The Power of Personal Touch In The Social Media EraAre you hiding behind a computer all day Tweeting away, posting to Facebook, viewing YouTube videos, or pinning to Pinterest? Are you engaging with your prospects and customers on a daily basis and ensuring [...]

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Promoting Content with Google+

Social Media Marketing with Google Plus | Social Media TodayMany bloggers stop the promotion of their content at Facebook and Twitter. Google+, however, has broadcasting components that can make the promotion of content easier and can create more interactive reader experience.http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/socialmediatoday_allposts/~3/U9IgHCnoSmw/promoting-content-google

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5 Career Tips for Recent Graduates

Social Business Advice for Recent Graduates | Social Media TodayGiven that I actually looked forward to work every day for 30 years, and given that I never felt that I had to answer to anyone but myself I thought I’d share some tips for recent graduates.http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/socialmediatoday_allposts/~3/kxa5kMeLdwc/five-career-tips-recent-graduates

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Inbound Marketing: A Salesperson’s Perspective

Content Marketing from an Insider Perspective | Social Media TodayInbound Marketing is a salesperson’s dream. As long as you are willing to properly review the data analytics, it shortens the sales cycle timeline, allowing for more conversions and more success.http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/socialmediatoday_allposts/~3/Dj3_c5unvrg/inbound-marketing-salespersons-perspective

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5 strumenti utili per il tuo #Pinterest Marketing…

5 strumenti utili per il tuo #Pinterest Marketing http://t.co/PsPiTYHsRh Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 18, 2013 Guida essenziale al Pinterest MarketingPinterest ha raccolto un enorme successo negli ultimi tempi, guadagnandosi un posto tra i principali social network, dopo ovviamente a Facebook e a Twitter. A differenza di questi due, Pinterest però non riesce ancora a generare profitti [...]

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