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Why some #SocialCRM projects fail ?…

Why some #SocialCRM projects fail ? http://t.co/m07X0TwG8j Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 18, 2013 SugarCon speaker reveals 10 reasons why social CRM projects failTen reasons why social CRM projects fail, at a glance 1. Wrong culture 2. No compliance policy 3. No established goals 4. Lack of managerial support 5. Insufficient staffing 6. Unwilling to listen to [...]

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Amy’s Bakery Meltdown: Yelp Is Broken and Social Flashmobs Apparently Rule

Amy's Bakery | Meltdown Analysis | Social Media TodayYelp may not be the go-to source for restaurant reviews. Why? Amy's Baking Company has 1131 reviews, 99.9% of which are snarky, mean, negative “reviews.” How many of those 1131 reviewers actually ate at the restaurant and how many just piled on for flash mob social media [...]

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