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3 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest

3 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest | Social Media ExaminerAre you looking for some creative ways to use Pinterest? Would you like to make stronger connections with your customers? Although many brands run creative contests on Pinterest, here are some new ways to engage audiences and build your presence. Take a look at what [...]

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Le nuove start up saranno #SoLoMo (Social Local…

Le nuove start up saranno #SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile)? http://t.co/1lxtrrvuv2 Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 27, 2013 SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile): nuovo modello di start up?Quando le nuove tendenze vengono anticipate da realtà aziendali piccole, permane sempre un'aura di scetticismo sulle possibilità di successo, per quanto buona sia tale idea. Quando invece sono i 'Big Boys' a [...]

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5 steps to become a #Social leader – Forbes…

5 steps to become a #Social leader - Forbes http://t.co/Fw08BtQ5Nh Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)May 27, 2013 5 Ways Leaders Empower The Social EnterpriseWe all saw the power of social community last week in Oklahoma. People came together and the result was something unified and powerful and greater than the sum of its parts.I'm always inspired when [...]

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