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How to broaden your community and drive brand…

How to broaden your community and drive brand awareness #SMstrategy http://t.co/91qeiKDvsk Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 01, 2013 The Number 1 Thing Your Social Strategy Is Missing | Likeable Media - A Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing FirmWith the rise of social media in the marketing mix, brands and marketers alike have learned several important [...]

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How ‘Social’ is my customer? What about my…

How 'Social' is my customer? What about my Company? #SocialCRM http://t.co/2GgjCgcjCZ Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 01, 2013 What does customer experience mean in social CRM? | My Social CustomerI've seen many vendors and bloggers offering CRM tools for the companies, that really don't meet the clients' expectations. Either they are comprehensive platforms with enormous amount of [...]

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Before taking actions set #SocialMedia goals …

Before taking actions set #SocialMedia goals http://t.co/7Eus3DpSps Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 01, 2013 Setting Social Media Goals That Get ResultsI've found that some businesses fail to realize their full social media potential because their goals are simplistic, misguided, or unrealistic. My favorite example is the goal you're probably thinking about right now: getting more sales! Make [...]

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