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#FacebookHome’s bad ratings by Google Play…

#FacebookHome's bad ratings by Google Play reviewers: a flop? http://t.co/3tJhoPvZPa Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 14, 2013 Facebook Home Rated Just 1 Star by 44% of Google Play ReviewersIt looks like Android users aren't happy about Facebook Home moving into their Android phones. A day after launch, an astounding 44% of users who have reviewed the app [...]

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Why #ContentCuration is so relevant (tools, models…

Why #ContentCuration is so relevant (tools, models & tips) #Blogging http://t.co/wrTjN7EusE Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 14, 2013 Creating a Content Machine: Tools, Models and Tips | Social Media TodayAmy Birch Curating content is an important activity and central to those brands who are looking to give their audience something useful. By spending time to find, filter [...]

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6 sharing-tips for your #Blog…

6 sharing-tips for your #Blog http://t.co/ahCwG9IBkR #SM Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 14, 2013 6 Ways to Increase Social Shares For Your BlogMany start blogging with little or no traction within the major social networks. Get the blog going, build an audience, and make connections on the major social networks is generally the path. The problem is [...]

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