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(Infographic): Marketers’ real (Social) life…

(Infographic): Marketers' real (Social) life http://t.co/YsuPMeynpp #SMM Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 27, 2013 Infographic A Marketers Social LifeMarch 29, 2013 Social has become a marketing mainstay, but how much do marketers use social themselves-in their career and in their personal lives? Direct Marketing News asked readers to discuss their "social" lives with us. About 100 respondents [...]

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7 strumenti per utilizzare al meglio i social…

7 strumenti per utilizzare al meglio i social network e distinguersi online http://t.co/NbcXegrwF5 Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 27, 2013 7 strumenti per utilizzare al meglio i social network e distinguersi onlineChe fatica tenere il passo! Quando hai la sensazione di essere arrivato oramai a conoscerne tutti i segreti - e poi, diciamecelo, mai veramente tutti - [...]

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(BREAKING NEWS) #Pinterest torna al ‘vecchio’ look…

(BREAKING NEWS) #Pinterest torna al 'vecchio' look ma diventa più #SOCIAL http://t.co/vIetbjbhAP #SM Paolo FABRIZIO (@Pfabr)April 27, 2013 Pinterest Brings Back Beloved Design FeaturesIn March, Pinterest rolled out a new site design with larger images, a cleaner layout, and several new discovery and navigation features. Since that time, users have praised and criticized various aspects [...]

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