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Crisis Response Digital Customer Service

Customers talk with you and about you over online channels, especially on 'public' ones (social media and online reviews sites).

Consequently, if you do not moderate customer criticisms on these channels in a timely manner, risk to underrate possible fires that may soon put part of your reputation at stake. And your business will suffer accordingly.

The answer to this scenario is Crisis Response, the online course that provides you with tools and knowledge necessary to best prevent, manage and mitigate a potential crisis on your digital channels.

The training course is customized to your specific organization and includes tests, video consultancy sessions and a laboratory where I will help you manage the most complex conversations triggered by your customers. The plus is that the laboratory is an online classroom open to your customer service team (up to  5 people participants).

Thanks to these three days you will be able to build solid protection barriers to protect your customer service, the reputation of your brand and therefore your business.
What you will bring home
  • Effective techniques to prevent and mitigate attacks over digital public channels
  • Your customer service team will be able to manage event the most complex conversations with customers
  • Constant interaction and assistance during your training itinerary
  • Ebook 'Digital Customer Service Personas©' Certificate 'Crisis Response Digital Customer Service'
This course is for you if
  • You are a customer service / contact centre manager already using digital support channels
  • Vuoi want to optimize even the most complex digital conversations
  • You are looking for an online customized training itinerary
  • You want to let your customer service team grow
  • You seek constant assistance and interaction with your coach

All activities will be carried out on a e-learning platform and also video call on each phase.
The laboratory (online class) is open up to 5 participants. 

All above amounts include taxes.

Here you can read terms & conditions.

How it works


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Get the email with payment instructions to purchase your course.


After making the payment, you will receive the link to log into the e-learning platform and we will start the journey together.



Build an effective protection net in the event of an attack on digital channels.

We work together to optimize your most complex conversations.

Interact with me during the whole training itinerary.


“If you need to get your customer service in great shape, Paolo Fabrizio is the right person for you. In his workshops Paolo communicates clearly, with attention to detail and nuances. An excellent experience and a path that I recommend to everyone.”

Fausto Turco

CEO SI-Net Srl

“Paolo conveys concepts in his course with efficiency and naturalness. He constantly involves participants, making sure that the training becomes super interactive. As a result, in his workshops delivers actionable digital customer service.”

Roberta Papini

CEO Shopsharing Deutschland

“Thanks to his experience and professionalism Paolo managed to understand our the needs and drove us towards the right direction to optimize our Digital Customer Service. Very interactive courses made a difference.”

Dolores Vincenzo

Servizi al consumatore, Dr. Schaer

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Your coach

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Paolo Fabrizio

Digital Customer Service Consultant, Trainer, Author, Speaker.

In the 90s he took part in the startup of the first online insurance company in Italy, following the customer's entire life cycle. Since 2013 as a consultant and trainer he has been helping companies to harness digital customer service as a business driver. Founder of, author of books and speaker at conferences in Italy and abroad. Lecturer at the Bicocca University of Milan.

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