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Customer Culture Academy

Spreading 'customer culture' is key for any forward-thinking organization because:

  • When it permeates beyond the typical customer facing departments, it dramatically improves both employee and customer experiences.
  • Taking care of each digital conversation in detail allows you to consolidate and strengthen customer relationship over time, day by day.

The answer to such needs is Customer Culture Academy.

Paolo Fabrizio

Method and duration

Customer Culture Academy is a customizable coaching path structured on key topics that we interactively deepen together through live workshops and practical cases. The duration of the itinerary sits in a range between 3 and 6 months. Learn more in this video introduction.

For whom and why

Customer Culture Academy is aimed for a group of people belonging various departments of your organization.    A cross-functional team that represents key areas of your business (e.g. customer service, sales, HR, back office, marketing). Their common purpose? Building a shared customer culture to drive business results in the long run.

Key topics

Here are the top five topics that my clients have chosen to improve with the Customer Culture Academy:

  1. Emotional intelligence - perceiving, understanding and managing emotions during your business conversations.
  2. Company values vs. actions - how to apply and promote your core values whenever dealing with the customer.
  3. Internal communication - enhancing experiences and driving co-operation between departments.
  4. Time Management - optimization of time and priorities (yours, your team, other teams you work with).
  5. Objection management - how to say no constructively and effectively, maintaining positive relationships.

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Exclusive is better

In 2024 Customer Culture Academy will be available just for two selected companies.

In this way I guarantee you the utmost attention to detail, both during live sessions and online conversations.

Paolo Fabrizio

Paolo Fabrizio

Digital Customer Service Consultant, Trainer, Author, Speaker.

In the 90s he took part in the startup of the first online insurance company in Italy, following the customer's entire life cycle. Since 2013 as a consultant and trainer he has been helping companies to harness digital customer service as a business driver. Founder of, author of books and speaker at conferences in Italy and abroad. Lecturer at the Bicocca University of Milan (Master MADIM).

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