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DCS Personas

       'Digital Customer Service Personas@ - the skill-set model for Digital           Customer Assistants' will help you:

  • Learn about Digital Customer Service strategic and organizational facets
  • Identify necessary skills and competences to provide customers with outstanding digital support
  • Hire and train a Digital Customer Service team of specialists (don't call them agents anymore!)

What readers say

"Working in the same field I literally 'devoured' Paolo's book and I recommend it to all the companies that are considering integrating a social customer service strategy because it is a treasure trove of practical advice on how to best face this challenge, obtaining tangible results in terms acquisition and customer retention.

   Gabriele Antoniazzi
   CEO & Founder Responsa
"A great  book by a customer service expert. The book is well written, and it guides the reader through the process that must be put in place for the transition to be effective. Any company that wants to start that revolution that social caring brings with it should not miss this book. "

Alessandro Pollini 
Marketing Manager Chorally

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Why reading it

  • Discover the best itinerary to integrate social media into your customer service / contact centre
  • Learn how to retain your customers turning them into your brand's ambassadors
  • Get to know case studies and best practices of brands that have successfully harnessed Social Customer Service 
  • Find 'content pills' laser-focused on main topics covered, in each chapter
  • Test yourself thanks to self assessment exercises
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Why reading it

  • Turn digital conversations into a magnet to attract and retain customers
  • Leverage Digital Customer Service thanks to highly selected best practices and case studies
  • Learn about new channels and trends in the digital support world
  • Do exercises whilst reading, applying what you've just learnt
  • Spread customer service culture across your organization

About the author

Foto profilo 2017

Paolo Fabrizio

Digital Customer Service Consultant, Trainer, Author, Speaker.

In the 90s he took part in the startup of the first online insurance company in Italy, following the customer's entire life cycle. Since 2013 as a consultant and trainer he has been helping companies to harness digital customer service as a business driver. Founder of, author of books and speaker at conferences in Italy and abroad. Lecturer at the Bicocca University of Milan.

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