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Copertina libro

Why reading it

1. This book is a pragmatic journey into Digital Customer Service and Customer Culture because both are essential to develop lasting relationships with the customer.

2. I wrote it drawing from my experience having worked with businesses in various sectors and markets; with all the passion I have for my work.

3. Case studies clearly show hurdles and challenges companies face and how some of them have successfully overcome them.

The book is aimed at all managers aware that every single conversation makes the difference. Especially customer service, marketing and HR managers.


DCS Personas

       'Digital Customer Service Personas@ - the skill-set model for Digital           Customer Assistants' will help you:

  • Learn about Digital Customer Service strategic and organizational facets
  • Identify necessary skills and competences to provide customers with outstanding digital support
  • Hire and train a Digital Customer Service team of specialists (don't call them agents anymore!)

What readers say

"Working in the same field I literally 'devoured' Paolo's book and I recommend it to all the companies that are considering integrating a social customer service strategy because it is a treasure trove of practical advice on how to best face this challenge, obtaining tangible results in terms acquisition and customer retention.

   Gabriele Antoniazzi
   CEO & Founder Responsa
"A great  book by a customer service expert. The book is well written, and it guides the reader through the process that must be put in place for the transition to be effective. Any company that wants to start that revolution that social caring brings with it should not miss this book. "

Alessandro Pollini 
Marketing Manager Chorally