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I tell you about my values to show you ...

  • Why I have capitalized on my experience in customer service to help organizations.
  • What gets me motivated every day working with ambition, care and passion.
  • How I develop solutions for my clients with a continuous improvement perspective.


Even though you're providing good customer service you have room for improvement. That's why I keep challenging myself and I work with clients sharing the same mindset. 


Attention to details is key to confirm customer trust, thus to consolidate the relationship in the long run. So I'm the first one to lead by example.


I love customer service because I love people. I do enjoy helping them optimize their results, strategies and increasing their skills.

Do you want to optimize customer's relationship?

Let me tell you how I did it

Here are 3 moments when my values turned out to be winning.


March 2020, first lockdown. In just a few days I had to convert all my training sessions online. However, I did not settle for just replicating the model via video-calling platform. So I quickly decided to invest in two solutions that allowed me to get high involvement by the participants from the very first session, albeit remotely.


During my 1-to-1 coaching sessions with customer service managers, new ideas often arise in addition to the topics on the agenda. To effectively deep dive them, I send brief notes at the end of each weekly meeting. This short investment of time has paved the way to solutions and results that were unthinkable.


'Customer service is somehow  underestimated by us.' This sentence spurred me to develop hyper-customized solutions where customer culture is the hub. Two year later the same person has consolidated the new Digital Customer Service team, successfully exporting their model to foreign branches.

I have worked with