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Paolo Fabrizio speaking

With my speaking gigs I help you:

  • Share best practices and successful digital customer experience cases.
  • Leverage online conversations to win and attract customers.
  • Spread customer service culture across your organization.

International experience

I have attended many conferences in Italy, USA, U.K. and Malta. I was hired to engage the audience Digital Customer Service and Customer Culture related topics. 

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Sell with Customer Service

Customer service is not just a problem solver area. The moment of assistance is indeed decisive to provide valuable assistance to colleagues working in commercial areas (i.e. Marketing and Sales).

Goal: to create awareness of the strategic role that customer service plays as a business driver.

Kit includes: an exclusive post-conference workshop reserved for a small group of managers.


Spread Customer Culture

Non customer-facing departments tend to be less aware of how they influence overall customer experience. That's a pain point for many organizations wanting to get to the extra mile to deliver excellently and consistently.

Goal: to raise awareness, engage and involve each department on customer culture, as a common value.

Kit includes: copies of the book 'The Power of Digital Conversations'. 

The Power of Digital Conversations

Leverage Digital Conversations

Innovative companies do not search for shortcuts or instant, magic solutions. Because they are aware that by taking care of any digital conversation they develop rock-solid relationships with their customer.

Goal: nurturing the cult of excellent digital conversations, optimizing time and quality of any experience.

Kit includes: copies of the book 'The Power of Digital Conversations'.

The Power of Digital Conversations

What clients say

Joseph Casha

Really enjoyed Paolo's delivery at our conference in Malta. The topic received very positive feedback with very interesting questions from the participants. Paolo also participated in our panel discussion with other CX Leaders from Car Sharing, FinTech and other organizations in Malta. We look forward to continue our collaboration with Paolo.

Joseph Casha

Chief Officer Business, iMovo 

Aaron Jackson

Paolo did a great job moderating discussion at the Customer Service Summit 2017 in NYC.

He lead two sessions alongside senior representatives; he worked autonomously to market the event on social media, connect with speakers and align the direction of the panel. I look forward to working with Paolo and will be recommending to my colleagues.

Aaron Jackson 

Project / Event Director, Reuters Group

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  • Conference and company conventions as keynote speaker.
  • Round table as a panel moderator (in person or online).
  • Radio / TV broadcast as a guest.
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Paolo Fabrizio

Paolo Fabrizio

Digital Customer Service Consultant, Trainer, Author, Speaker.

In the 90s he took part in the startup of the first online insurance company in Italy, following the customer's entire life cycle. Since 2013 as a consultant and trainer he has been helping companies to harness digital customer service as a business driver. Founder of CustomerServiceCulture.com, author of books and speaker at conferences in Italy and abroad. Digital Customer Service Lecturer at Bicocca University of Milan (master MADIM).

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