How to become a digital conversational master

Last week I attended a customer service conference in Milan, back in real person. As many companies were represented, I’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn about their Digital Customer Service journey: main steps, achieved results and next goals ahead. Most of them have made great cultural and operational improvements in a short span [...]

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2 deadly service skills misconceptions to avoid

Have you ever thought ‘it was so obvious, why in the world didn’t I realize it earlier?’ The fact is that sometimes things are clear, but we just don’t notice them because we’re focussed towards other directions. When it comes to delivering Digital Customer Service, chances are a similar situation takes place: underrating your support team’s [...]

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Consolidate your digital caring training results

A well-structured Digital Customer Service program includes specific steps and activities. Some of them belong to the consulting area – e.g. digital conversations assessments and guidelines set up. Others to the training area – e.g. to get managers and / or front line staff up-skilled. After this step though only part of the job is [...]

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Shifting digital interactions from pain to pleasure

Customers have become digital. This metamorphosis literally boomed during 2020 but it had already started a few years ago. Many organizations lived and breathed this acceleration because they suddenly had to handle larger volumes of digital conversations = customers’ queries over online channels such as social media, Live Chat or messaging apps. So how are [...]

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