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The bad taste of conflicting customer experiences

Have you ever been asked to follow somebody by taking the lead? Sounds a bit contradictory, uh? I’m quite sure that you’ve had conflicting customer experiences that have influenced your following decisions. For brands, the price to pay in such situations is high: compromising customer’s trust. So join me to see a real case and [...]

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Are you ready for video customer service?

Planet Earth, year 2021. More and more organizations have integrated new platforms and up-skilled their staff to cope with a huge, sudden demand for digital support. Accordingly, as new channels such as video are now being used for customer service in many industries, let’s have a look at this great opportunity to deliver superior experiences and consolidate customer’s [...]

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3 frequent approaches to digital support

What if I asked you ‘how do you see your organization in their Digital Customer Service journey?’ Well, first of all I hope that something will immediately pop up in your mind, otherwise you’d be in trouble! Afterwards, I’d be very curious to listen to your answers. So while you think about it, I’m going to [...]

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How to use digital conversations to boost your KPIs

If you work in the customer service arena, you know that metrics play a key role. In fact you may use them to make sure you’re sailing on the right route as well as destination (aka your goals). That’s why, instead of yet another article listing the ‘best metrics’, here’s something really useful for you. [...]

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Get your support optimized over social media

In the summer of 2015 I was writing my first book. I remember that it was very hot outside and that I had two certainties. First one: delivering social media support was already a consolidated habit in many industries. Second one: it was bound to expand even more in the following years. In fact since [...]

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