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The most demanding goal in digital support

Some say they are focussing on strategical, others instead on operational ones. The fact is that many Digital Customer Service managers I have conversations with are facing a demanding goal which is crucial to consolidate all achieved results. Before I deep dive into it, let me ask you in advance your feedback at the end [...]

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Customer conversations: why timing is key

December 1, 1995 was my first day as customer service employee of a new insurance start-up to be launched few weeks later. The whole staff was made of 30 people: we were all young, excited and a bit anxious to have our first interactions with customers. During a coffee break the general manager listened to [...]

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Your n°1 customer service challenge

If you are a manager in the customer support / experience arena, you have my sympathy. Because I’m aware that successfully covering your role has become way harder in the last couple of years: unstable and ever changing social-economic scenarios are affecting c-level strategic decisions. As a result, you are facing a new customer service challenge, [...]

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A week as Customer Service consultant

Whether you are popping in for the first time or are a regular reader of this blog, this is a quite unusual article. In fact I’m going to bring you into my average week as Digital Customer Service consultant. The reason why? Many of you have asked me what happens in my ‘backstage’ – meaning [...]

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Build up your conversational ecosystem

Children love playing puzzle and when all the pieces are finally set it’s such an exciting moment for them! Adults instead tend to be way less patient as years go by. In fact, as consumers, we award those companies whose processes and communication are clear transparent and easy. That’s precisely what customers get when you [...]

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