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My experience on training digital skills

I guess you’re familiar with the expression ‘continuous learning’. Well, when it comes to Digital Customer Service conversational skills, that applies both for the trainer and participants. That’s exactly my first hand experience as a trainer that I’m going to share in this podcast episode. Especially today, after delivering several training digital skills sessions in [...]

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Ups and downs of a digital conversation

Every customer asking for support would love to enjoy smooth and happy experiences. Even though it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, there are some details that may leverage or kill the overall experience. Taking care of them will help you prevent delivering ups and downs during the digital conversation, unlike it happened in this live [...]

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Customer culture: with AI no more alibis

Last week I attended the AI Forum where companies, universities and independent experts have shared the state-of-the art of Artificial Intelligence. As more and more organizations are integrating AI within their customer service operations, you got no more alibis: either you upgrade customer culture along with technology adoption, or you’re bound to disappointing results. [...]

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When the customer respects you

As there are good and bad persons on this worlds, every customer is not a good customer. Despite that, still some companies allow bad customers’ behaviors because they are afraid to lose them, making the worst mistake: tolerating what they’d never accept by their own employees! Conversely when the customer respects you, you’re on the [...]

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Is your customer team dehumanized?

“When customers read our responses, they feel more empathy with our chatbot than with our human agents!” It may seem a paradox, but it’s exactly what some managers are complaining about these days. Of course I refer to those who carry out quality checks over Digital Customer Service conversations on a regular basis. As some [...]

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