5 excuses blocking your Digital Customer Service

5 excuses blocking your Digital Customer Service

“We want to integrate digital channels into our customer service, but we don’t feel ready yet.” When I hear this sentence I try to understand the reasons that lead some brands to remain stuck in the starting blocks. I must say that in recent years I have heard many of them but that they’re actually excuses. I pull them apart one by one in this article which I invite you to share in your organization.

1. My boss is not convinced yet

Often the customer service / contact center manager is aware of the opportunity of better taking care of digital conversations. However, his manager is not always aligned, so that Digital Customer Service tend not to become a business priority. Consequently their conversation may last many months long, but they’re not able neither a program, not a starting date.

TIP: Getting the buy-in from decision-makers is crucial for the success of a Digital Customer Service program.

Remedy: Show your boss the main benefits that can be obtained by forming a team of specialists in digital conversations.

2. We’ve never done this before

It is the fear of entering a new path, without a ‘habit lifesaver’. However, it has to be overcome quickly because the first promoters of digital transformation are customers, who demand assistance through digital channels they use daily (social media, live chat and messaging apps).

TIP: as a consultant specializing in this topic sector I assure you that taking baby steps does pay off. Define the main stages of your journey and follow through them gradually, consolidating results.

Remedy: Here’s how you can draw your Digital Customer Service personalized road map.

3. We don’t have budget

Then we get to one of the most popular (and fake) reason. Having worked for over 20 years within organizations I’ve learned that budget is available for those business objectives that are considered important / strategic. AS retaining customers is a critical point for any brand, irrespective size or industry, it’s a priority to take care of conversations with customers also through digital channels.

TIP & remedy: Show the direct link between the results of your Customer Service and those of business (how many new customers I have acquired / how many I have retained / how long they stay with us / how much they spend over time / how many I lost / after how long) .

4. Waiting for competitors to make the first move

When I used to work in call centers in the 1990s, other companies were skeptical of managing customer support over the phone, but soon they changed their minds. Moral: you can’t think of learning to swim without even getting wet!

TIP: when it comes to Digital Customer Service you are either a pioneer – enjoying a competitive advantage – or you are boun chase those competitors who have already experienced and learned from it.

Remedy: spread customer service culture in every area of your organization.

5. Our agents are not digitally skilled / trained

That’s true: front line agents / operators  need to deliver effective new Digital Customer Service skills. In fact, even the most experienced ones ove traditional channels – phone and email – are not able to do as well on digital channels. However, this too is one of the false reasons that do not justify inaction

Remedy: share the benefits of having a Digital Customer Service Team.

Over to you

Now that I have torn these 5 excuses to pieces you have no more excuses. As you have read between the lines, there is no perfect time to start doing Digital Customer Service, there is the worst time. When it’s too late you realize it because that you are already a few laps away from your competitors. To prevent that get in touch.

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