Build up your conversational ecosystem

Build up your conversational ecosystem

Children love playing puzzle and when all the pieces are finally set it’s such an exciting moment for them! Adults instead tend to be way less patient as years go by. In fact, as consumers, we award those companies whose processes and communication are clear transparent and easy. That’s precisely what customers get when you successfully build up your conversational ecosystem.

Why you need one

Even though after the pandemic acceleration many brands have embraced Digital Customer Service, I still see often confusion. In fact since many of them have had to take great leaps forward in a short length of time, focus and care on digital conversations is pretty inconsistent. Want some examples?

  • Company ‘A’ has invested in an omni-channel platform to let their customer service team handle various digital channels from one dashboard…but they did not get equipped with ad hoc digital conversational skills as per tone of voice and customer engagement.
  • Company ‘B’ has integrated too many digital channels, instead of doing one at a time. Consequently their customer service teams is under pressure, facing high inquiries volumes over different new channels. This situation often leads to overstressed staff, delivering poor customer experiences!
  • Company ‘C’ has started a Voice of Customer program, getting loads of interesting data. The team in charge though interpret data only through their ‘parent department’ lens (e.g. Marketing). Therefore, they are taking risky decisions because they don’t have yet a 360° view on both digital external and internal conversations.

Build up yours [infographic]

The above examples witness how still many companies are only taking a partial advantage of digital conversations. Smart ones instead are building rock-solid relationships with their customers and attracting new ones because they have developed an effective conversational ecosystem. To help you visualize this concept, I’ve summed the key milestones you need to develop in this infographic below: share it with your peers / managers.


How about your digital conversations?

Now I’m curious to hear about your ongoing progresses in your organization. So how is your Digital Customer Service doing? Have you developed your conversational ecosystem yet?

Text here or send me a voice message. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Have great conversations. 👊

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