Building a conversational service model

Building a conversational service model

When it comes to Digital Customer Service you can’t change things overnight. However, if you are a tenacious manager with a clear vision, purpose and goals, you can build up an effective conversational service model that works. Just like the special guest of this podcast, Darko Popovic, Chief Operations Officer at Multitude Bank. Darko shares his valuable digital transformation journey in this great episode.

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  • 00:03 Welcome to episode n°29
  • 01:21 Darko Popovic introduces himself and his background
  • 03:51 A missing link in Digital Customer Service transformation journeys
  • 05:41 Are you keeping the human touch with the customer?
  • 07:11 The value of training and up-skilling for agents and team leaders
  • 08:21 Reframing the way to interact with the digital customer
  • 09:31 Darko on his Digital Customer Service journey at Multitude Bank
  • 11:11 The mission: making customer’s lives easier reducing their efforts
  • 14:25 Customers don’t want to get in touch with you (unless it’s strictly necessary)
  • 18:09 Building up a new conversational service model
  • 19:05 Whatsapp for customer service: enthusiasm vs. resistances
  • 20:11 Be bold to innovate your mindset, then enjoy business results
  • 23:31 Don’t delegate innovation only to tools
  • 26:11 When a chat bot kills customer experience
  • 27:45 Why spreading customer culture across all departments is key 
  • 30:25 Customer culture works when it’s a top-down commitment
  • 33:11 Why digital conversations don’t lie about your customer culture
  • 35:11 Darko’s take about the next 3 trends in Digital Customer Service
  • 38:57 Check out my new bookThe Power of Digital Conversations
  • 39:21 Closing remarks – get in touch:
  • 39:55 Check out all services on

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