Building a team of Whatsapp customer support specialists

Building a team of Whatsapp customer support specialists

More and more companies have started delivering Whatsapp customer support, especially during this 2020 upheavals. So can you optimize such conversation in a profitable way? How to ensure excellent customer experiences? Check it out in this case study I have prepared for you.

Why a Whatsapp case study

In 2018 conversations over messaging apps had already overcome social media and this trend is steadily growing all over the world. Accordingly, companies have started to use them, especially Whatsapp, as a support channel. So, what are the main reasons why?

  • From customer’s standpoint → It’s a very intuitive, simple and widespread app since it’s daily used by any generation (teenagers, adults, parents, grandparents). As customers do not have to make any effort to learn how to use it, they are urging more and more brands to deliver Whatsapp customer support. They just want it!
  • From brand’s standpoint → In 2019 the Whatsapp for Business API has become finally available. Therefore brands may integrate also this new channel into their omni-channel platform (e.g. Zendesk, Salesforce, just to name a few). Moreover many brand secretly love Whatsapp because conversations with customers are private – unlike ‘public channels’ such as social media or online reviews portals (e.g. Trustpilot, GoogleMyBusiness).

As I’ve helped many organizations consolidate their digital customer service based on their specific needs, I’m glad to share this case study with you.

What you bring home 

Here’s what you get in this case study ‘Building a team of Whatsapp customer support specialists’:

  1. A laser-focussed analysis of main challenges that the client company have faced by integrating Whatsapp as a Digital Customer Service support channel.
  2. Our customized solutions and the methodology we have successfully delivered.
  3. Main benefits that client have achieved within a short period.
  4. An exclusive audio note where I let you deep dive into more details.
  5. A clean layout designed to ease reading and sharing with your colleagues / peers.

Download your copy ↓

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