Customer conversations: why timing is key

Customer conversations: why timing is key

December 1, 1995 was my first day as customer service employee of a new insurance start-up to be launched few weeks later. The whole staff was made of 30 people: we were all young, excited and a bit anxious to have our first interactions with customers. During a coffee break the general manager listened to us, then went: ‘when having customer conversations, timing is essential!’ Here’s why this lesson is still super relevant today.

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  • 00:03 Welcome to episode n°21
  • 00:51 December 1995: my first customer service lesson learnt
  • 03:03 The invisible link between traditional and online support
  • 04:57 The difference between speed and timing (the cards metaphor)
  • 06:01 Why timing in digital customer conversations is an issue!
  • 07:05 Gaps and examples arisen during my training sessions
  • 08:55 It’s not just about the channel, it’s about customer’s expectations!
  • 11:55 Keep learning from conversations to improve processes and experiences
  • 13:45 Do you really know who are your competitors today?
  • 15:01 Why getting your Digital Customer Service team up-skilled is a priority
  • 17:41 Questions or feedbacks? Drop me a line:
  • 18:41 Learn more about my ‘Customer Culture Academy’
  • 19:25 Key takeaways: what you bring home from this episode
  • 21:21 Digital up-skilling for customer service managers
  • 23:11 Deep dive into all services pages

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About your customer conversations

Let’s talking about your organization. What role does it play across your Digital Customer Service conversations? Are you obsessed with response speed or more focussed on timing to deliver superior customer experiences?

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Have great conversations.

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Digital Customer Service Consultant, Trainer, Author, Speaker. In the 90s he took part in the startup of the first online insurance company in Italy, following the customer's entire life cycle. Since 2013 as a consultant and trainer he has helped companies to exploit digital customer service as a business lever. Founder of, he is the author of thematic books at thematic conferences in Italy and abroad and lecturer at the Bicocca University of Milan.

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