Do customers perceive your values?

Do customers perceive your values?

‘Well, it is pretty expensive but its value is beyond dispute.’ I’m sure that you’ve pronounced o heard this statement after a purchase. We say it whenever we buy something that we’ve already fallen in love with. Because prior to that moment we’d had the chance to get information and emotional inputs. Such a magic happens when your values are aligned with actions, thus through conversations with customers. How about yours?

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  • 00:03 Welcome to episode n°22
  • 00:51 How emotional inputs play a huge role in customer experience
  • 03:01 Q1. Have you set up your corporate values yet?
  • 06:13 Q2. Is all staff living and breathing them?
  • 07:59 Q3. To which extent customers perceive your values?
  • 09.11 Look at yourself in the mirror…
  • 10:51 Fix your gaps with ‘Customer Culture Academy’
  • 11:47 How I’ve built my consulting career on my values
  • 13:09 Got questions? Drop me a line:
  • 13:41 What you bring home from this episode
  • 14:23 Jump on services pages
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  5. My three values drive my way, both professionally and personally every single day.

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About your customer conversations

I’ve asked you three laser questions about your values because sometimes we assume that customers consistently perceive them. Unfortunately the reality is often far from that. So, if you want to prevent ‘Titanic effects’ on your business keep your radars on – internally with your staff and externally with your customers.

Hence my last, hot question, for you: what’s your biggest challenge when it comes to leveraging your values?

To start our informal conversation just write here or send me a voice message.

Have great conversations. 👊

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