How is your customer culture doing?

How is your customer culture doing?

Did you know that sometimes customer service managers feel lonely? It happens whenever they realize that the organization they’re in is not much committed to improving customer experience. Accordingly, if such a disconnection continues overtime, it’s bound to undermine the customer manager’s trust and determination! Briefly speaking, if your customer culture is not evolved in other departments, it becomes a business issue.

Why it’s a vital ingredient

First off, let’s clearly define what ‘Customer Culture’ is:

It’s the ecosystem of values, actions and conversations that all staff live and breathe within an organization. Regardless of the role, seniority, or department they’re in.

Please read it again at least once before going on. Now do you realize all major implications and why still today many organizations are struggling to evolve? Because it’s way easier changing tools and technology rather than changing mindset – and it’s especially hard where the mentality has been consolidated for decades! However, today the digital customer have higher expectations towards companies they do business with than ever. That’s why they tend to remain loyal only to those companies able to excel. In a nutshell, those who are able to:

✅ Simplify their internal communication and processes to let save customer’s time and effort. Such expectation is higher and higher over each Digital Customer Service channel.

✅ Deliver speedy, smooth and proactive responses nurturing conversations filled with care and empathy.

✅ Maintain focus on customer experiences, whether they take place on a conversational or self-service level. Either way, striking a balance between AI-assisted and human interactions.

Measure your customer culture gap

Smart organizations have already taken a step forward, working hard to improve their customer culture in every department. Especially those not customer-facing, where such sensibility is often poor. I’ve delved into this topic with real case examples on chapter 3.3 of my book ‘The Power of Digital Conversations‘. There you can find also the Customer Culture Gap check-list that will help you identify your organization areas of improvements.

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