Making your digital conversations smoothly

Making your digital conversations smoothly

Whenever you ask for support as customer you have great expectations: fast responses, prompt solutions and empathy. Conversely you don’t want to have frictions unless they are consequence of a disservice. From a company’s standpoint, such arguments with customers may arise for many different reasons.  So how can you prevent them making your digital conversations smoothly? Start off turning over this pretty common situation.

Bad news? Your best chance

A failure in your website or a sudden issue has left many customers stranded? 😡 When something goes wrong that’s the moment of truth because you have the opportunity to show your customers your best qualities, sticking to your values. More specifically, to mitigate customer’s bad reactions make sure to be:

  1. Prompt – as soon as you are aware of the issue inform the customer. Do it to prevent / mitigate customer’s rant – which generate way harsher and longer conversations that would absorb the best emotional energies of your support agents!
  2. Transparent – don’t hide further implications or consequences if you’re reasonably sure they will take place shortly. Otherwise customer’s disappointment for the issue will also negatively affect their overall trust towards your company.
  3. Proactive – don’t just inform the customer, tell them about your next steps. How are you going to fix the issue? What are you doing to mitigate their effects? These are the key questions you’ll be preventing thanks to such a proactive approach.
  4. Smooth – if part of the conversations is handled by a chat bot and the other by your customer support agents, maintain a consistent conversational flow. Focus on every detail to improve overall experience, because every single interaction makes the difference.
  5. Conversational – balance your tone of voice. Be clear, using words that any customer can easily understand. At the same time be concise and convey empathy through your words throughout the conversation. Develop these specific skills, making your conversational approach consistent and unique. 💡TIP: make sure that your customer service team is highly up-skilled to master conversations over digital channels (i.e social media, live chat, video chat, messaging).

chat bot and human agent

Image credit: ‘Leveraging Proactive Support’ ebook – Kustomer.

Over to you

Get your digital conversations smoothly to make life easier both for your customers and your support team. Because it’s the quality of their daily experiences that drives their behaviors and actions. As this is a hot topic for many companies I’m curious to know about your thoughts as get to the end of this article. So what are the most difficult situations your customer service team have to deal with? What are your next goals as a Manager?

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Have great conversations.

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