How to prevent support agents burnout

How to prevent support agents burnout

If you have a customer service team, it is likely that they feel pretty much under pressure right now. In fact the last couple of years upheavals have overstressed them more than once. To such an extent that for some managers, preventing the risk of their support agents burnout is now a priority! So if you are worried about saving your customer service team’s mental health, pay attention to these helpful tips to reduce their pressure.

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  • 00:03 Welcome to episode 19
  • 00:45 Why most customer service agents are currently overstressed
  • 03:51 Think about this simple, vital concept before going on
  • 05:43 Three actionable tips to prevent support agents burnout
  • 06:41 Tip 1. [Hint] when agents start saying ‘all customers are…’
  • 09:47 Tip 2. [Hint] look into Digital Customer Service channels…
  • 11:41 Grab the Digital Customer Service Personas© skill-set framework
  • 13:31 Tip. 3 [Hint] Are you making your support team lives easier?…
  • 15:51 Key takeaways of this podcast
  • 17:37 Deep dive into my Digital Customer Service training paths
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We are all facing complex social and economic scenarios that reverberate into our day-to-day life. In fact more and more people strive to making ends meet; consequently tensions intensify also during conversations between customers and brands. Hence, two laser questions for you:

  1. What are you doing to prevent your support agents burnout?
  2. How do you timely detect the first dangerous symptoms?

Think about it, then get our private conversation started.

Have great conversations.

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