How to use digital conversations to boost your KPIs

How to use digital conversations to boost your KPIs

If you work in the customer service arena, you know that metrics play a key role. In fact you may use them to make sure you’re sailing on the right route as well as destination (aka your goals). That’s why, instead of yet another article listing the ‘best metrics’, here’s something really useful for you. I’m talking about the way to leverage your digital conversations with customers to boost your KPIs. Got your attention?

Digital conversations are not all the same

First off, when talking about digital conversations I refer to online assisted channels to provide customer support. In a nutshell:

  • Social Media → Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (with different use and nuances according to specific industries).
  • Live Chat → whether it’s positioned within your web site as widget or in your apps
  • Instant messaging apps → FB Messenger, Whatsapp and Telegram
  • Online reviews → Google my Business, Trustpilot, Yelp
  • Video chat → platforms enabling video live interactions

Being that said, how can you leverage digital conversation? More importantly though, how can you link them to your Digital Customer Service KPIs?

Analyze, practice, improve. Then repeat again.

As digital conversations flow through channels having different engagement rules, a one-size-fits-all approach generates poor results. What I’ve seen instead, working with clients from various industries and countries is that front line staff need to practice digital conversations either ‘online‘ talking with customers, and ‘offline‘ with a continuous improvement approach. Now let me dive into the offline phase because it’s where you can take your digital interactions to the next level, thus optimizing overall customer relationship. The most effective way to achieve robust results in the long run is keeping your support team constantly trained and engaged, using this  3-step framework:

Framework CSC

1. Analyze & link to your KPIs – get a sample of your handled conversations under the microscope. Highlight the engagement dynamics (what worked well / what can be improved focussing on the reason why).

2. Practice & improve – involve your customer support team in active training sessions where they can test their ongoing improvements as per specific channel and or situation (e.g. handling a complaining customer’s).

3. Repeat again – set up regular coaching and 1-to-1 mentoring sessions with your digital customer assistants to keep them trained and consolidate your digital caring results.

…Pssst! Have a look behind the scenes! Here’s a sneek peak taken from step n° 2. A laboratory where front line agents have practiced real-time digital conversations followed by an in-depth analysis engaging the whole team. That’s one of the most exciting activities according to my clients!


So how about you?

How are you working on digital customer service conversations? Are you already leveraging them to boost your KPIs? Watch this short interactive video to start our private conversation – you may respond using text, audio or video!

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