Is your support team digitally up-skilled?

Is your support team digitally up-skilled?

Everyday your support agents represent the voice of your brand dealing with a vast array of customers queries. Regardless how experienced they are over traditional channels, having conversations over social media, live chat, video chat or messaging channels is a different sport. That’s why you need to get your customer service team digitally up-skilled to deliver memorable experiences.

How well your agents deliver over digital channels?

I suggest you to start from this very first question for the following reasons:

  • Many people already know that Digital Customer Service channels differ from traditional ones, such as phone and email. Far fewer are aware though, that digital support channels differ one another as for features, conversation pace and customer’s behaviors / expectations.
  • Some of your agents may be keen on some digital channels and way less over others. Accordingly, providing mixed, fluctuating experiences – which is definitely not the best approach if you aim at consolidating customer’s trust!
  • Therefore getting equipped with ad hoc skills, competences and attitudes over each digital channel is vital for your customer service team. That’s the difference I observe every day between those who just respond and those who master digital conversations.

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3 steps to get your team digitally up-skilled

Welcome to the most juicy of this article. In fact I’m going to disclose HOW you can get your support team digitally up-skilled. So, without further ado, here are your next three steps to take:

  1. Measure – check up your customer service team’s preparation to manage conversations as per each digital channel. Goal: detecting any channel-related skill gap.
  2. Develop – ad hoc competences for each specific digital support channel, consistently and effectively. Goal: filling any skill gap with customized activities where necessary.
  3. Optimize – keep your customer service team internally engaged in a new hybrid scenario where physical presence in the office is balanced with remote work.

The good news for you

You are just one click away from the solution. In fact DCS Team is the 1-to-1 coaching path I’ve designed to help customer service managers like you achieve all these goals optimizing time and efforts. All you have to do is watching this short video, then clicking the link below to get more information about DCS Team.

Get more info

Have great conversations.

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