My new book: The Power of Digital Conversations

My new book: The Power of Digital Conversations

Today let’s make a toast because my new book ‘The Power of Digital Conversations’ is out! 🥂 I guess you’re pretty curious to know more: so why did I decide to write it? What are main topics? Why should you read it right away? I’m going to answer all these questions in the next few lines. At the end of this article I’ll also help you maximize the benefits of this book in your organization.

Innovative and interactive

  • It’s my third book, but it’s the first one in English.
  • Instead of traditional chapters, I assign the reader 5 challenging goals to achieve
  • It contains self-assessment and exclusive audio notes to keep you engaged

Why read it

  1. It is an exciting journey in Digital Customer Service and Customer Culture because both are key pillars to achieve excellent business results.
  2. I wrote it drawing from my direct experience having worked with companies of various industries, sizes and markets and putting into it all the passion I have for my work.
  3. Case studies within this book show the naked truth: both hurdles and challenges organizations face, and how some of them have been able to overcome them successfully.
  4. Last but not least, two special contributors: Shep Hyken, International Customer Service Expert (foreword) and Darko Popovic, COO Multitude Bank (case study).

Who is this book for

My new book is aimed at managers aware that every single conversation makes the difference in building a profitable and long-lasting relationship with the customer by:

  • Spreading customer culture across every department to deliver excellent experiences, consistently.
  • Developing digital conversational skills for the customer service team.

The Power of Digital Conversations‘ stimulates your senses even if you are not a customer service manager. In fact, if you are customer experience, marketing or HR manager you’ll fall in love with the hiring and training paragraphs of the book (digital up-skilling).

The Power of Digital Conversations

Get your copy

This book helps you pragmatically innovate your digital customer relationships.

This is the time to harness the power of digital conversations.

Get your copy.

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P.S. Bring my book to your next conference in 2024.

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