Run a digital skill-matching check

Run a digital skill-matching check

Like it or not, we’ve just entered a new Digital Customer Service phase where balancing AI and human interactions is key. On top of that, your customer service team already delivers over digital channels but conversational expectations are ever-changing. So do you run digital skill-matching checks? Here are the main benefits and why you’d better to carry out them on a regular basis.

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  • 00:03 Intro episode #31
  • 00:47 Listen to previous interview w/ Shep Hyken, CX Expert
  • 01:01 Listen to interview w/ Darko Popovic, COO Multitude Bank
  • 02:11 The post-pandemic is increasing customer’s conversational expectations
  • 05:01 “We have delivered trainings to our agents, but…” – said the manager
  • 06:01 What’s a digital skill-matching check and why you need it
  • 07:03 My experience: how to run one effectively
  • 07:35 Download the ‘DCS Personas©‘ skill-set framework
  • 08:51 Are you driving the conversation with the customer?
  • 11:55 Customers are more and more aggressive, so don’t be passive!
  • 14:23 Check out my DCS consulting and training pages
  • 15:05 My book ‘The Power of Digital Conversations’ available on Amazon
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