The day when all customers get mad at you

The day when all customers get mad at you

It’s 5:21 PM. Suddenly a growing number of customers get mad at you, filling up your online public channels (social media, online reviews). They’re all reporting the same issue. In just a couple of hours they become more numerous and aggressive. So what are you going to do? Who is going to take a stand? Where and when? Learn how to prevent long lasting damages on your business.

What in the world might happen?

Here are some practical examples:

The check-out page is not working – customers are unable to complete their online purchase.

One of more payment options is not providing customers with the ‘transaction complete’ message – so that customers get worried after just a few minutes.

Your shining discount code is not calculating the right amount off priced – customers get quizzed and start questioning brand’s trust.

Due to an internal bug there’s a temporary wrong account balance in many bank accounts – customers are afraid of being victims of a fraud.

An airline company have cancelled many flights with no / poor notice – customers are stuck at the airport missing out booked vacations or business meetings.

These are common examples of disservices that may affect a large number of customers at the same time, thus generating bad experiences.  Maybe you’ve already lived further sticky situations as service provider or customer? The fact is you can’t take such crucial decisions when the fire is already burning your house. That’s why forward-looking organizations have built their own safety net:

  • Detecting simple incidents from crisis in order to wisely optimize people and efforts based on different scenarios / consequences.
  • Preventing and mitigating eventual crisis over public channels (social media and online reviews platforms).
  • Limiting short and mid-term damages affecting brand reputation and lost sales.

That’s why even when something unexpected happens and customers get mad at you you need to be ready beforehand. In such cases harnessing  internal communication procedure is vital to guarantee speedy decisions when the going gets tough.

Are you getting water before the fire?

Crisis Response 1-to-1 coaching helps you achieve such goals. So if you are a customer service manager or a community manager, you’d better keep this conversation going. What this short video then click the link below to get more information about Crisis Response.

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