The most urgent customer service call to action

The most urgent customer service call to action

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People love using digital channels because they are easy to be used and FAST. In fact when it comes to asking for support sending tweets, Whatsapp messages or having live chat often is the best option to save time. Unfortunately, still many brands struggle to meet such expectations delivering poor customer experience and, consequently, losing business opportunities. Sometimes losing even loyal customers. That’s why today I want to point out what turned to be the most urgent customer service call to action.

Why many digital customer experiences miserably fail

There are many reasons why digital support conversations get customers disappointed. Like it or not, there is one harsh truth: customers have adapted their behaviors becoming ‘digital’ while still many brands didn’t or – at least – are struggling because they’re changing too slowly. That mirrors on main organizations’ challenges and the following chart from Incite’s State of Customer Service 2020 is self explanatory:  


Build up and manage your Digital Customer Service Team

As volumes of digital conversations increase, more and more organizations have embraced social media, live chat and messaging apps to provide customer support. Consequently in order to master conversations over digital channels, even the most experienced professionals need to be equipped with a new skill-set. Briefly speaking:

  • Agents need to become specialists in digital conversations regardless they take place over social media, live chat or messaging apps. The good news? Now you can achieve this goal thanks to the Digital Customer Personas© skill set model!
  • Managers need to acquire ad digital skills in order to manage their digital customer service teams and monitor ad hoc KPIs. As most of the time this new know-how is not yet available within organizations, the most effective way to get them properly up-skilled is one-on-one coaching.

That’s the essential fuel to leverage digital conversations and consolidate customer’s trust. I’ve had the opportunity to dive into this urgent customer service topic with Gabe Larsen at recent Kustomer’s CX Virtual Summit. It’s been such a fun and interesting conversation that I’m pleased to share it with you. ↓

If you have questions feel free to ask.

Have great conversations.

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