Ups and downs of a digital conversation

Ups and downs of a digital conversation

Every customer asking for support would love to enjoy smooth and happy experiences. Even though it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, there are some details that may leverage or kill the overall experience. Taking care of them will help you prevent delivering ups and downs during the digital conversation, unlike it happened in this live chat experience.

A live chat with hiccups

As a Digital Customer Service consultant I regularly review conversations on behalf of my company clients. On top of that, many aficionados of this blog/podcast tell me about their customer experiences, especially when they are extremely positive or negative. It’s the case of this bittersweet conversations over live chat, the ‘fast & furious’ channel in terms of interactions pace. Have a read below.👇

A live chat experience

Lessons learned

The welcoming part of the chat handled by the bot was easy and smooth. Then, when the human agent handled the second part of the conversation she did two things in one interaction:

  1. Reassured the customer he/she is aware of the contact reason that the customer had already expressed.
  2. Asked the customer to wait to get the information – which is good  and necessary over the live chat. However by saying “please wait for a few minutes” was not a good choice, in fact the customer replied a bit impatiently. 🔥
  • Then, after 2 minutes the human agent came back providing the customer with information he had asked for. Nevertheless using a standard, robotic, long-winded response, not coherent with human customer’s expectations! 🤖
  • Anyways the customer thanked for getting the information, so that human agent asked in a timely manner whether the customer needed further help. ✅
  • Paradoxically, things went worse after the end of the conversation when the bot asked for a feedback and then asking again the customer to justify his choice! That generated a post-conversation friction that should have been prevented. 💣

Quality checks over digital conversations

Whether your front line team is in-house or outsourced, carrying out quality checks over digital channels is essential to prevent customer experience ups and downs. Such an important task pairs with setting up ad hoc digital conversational KPIs to make sure that both tone of voice and customer engagement approaches are aligned one another.

So, have you up-skilled your customer service team yet?

Have great conversations.

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