Your n°1 customer service challenge

Your n°1 customer service challenge

If you are a manager in the customer support / experience arena, you have my sympathy. Because I’m aware that successfully covering your role has become way harder in the last couple of years: unstable and ever changing social-economic scenarios are affecting c-level strategic decisions. As a result, you are facing a new customer service challenge, one after the other. With this article I want to help you cope with them, reading between the lines.

Goals vs. (shrinking) budgets

There shouldn’t be a contrast between these two terms, yet actually this is often the case. In fact many companies have dramatically raised the bar of their business goals – thus adding more pressure to their customer service / experience managers. On top of that, as a result of worldwide rising costs of goods and services, most of budgets have shrunk. Sounds familiar? With this regard, Reuters Events have recently taken an emblematic snapshot interviewing over 300 Customer Service & Experience managers, outlining their priorities.

  • What investment areas are key for them?
  • How are they optimizing their budget in 2023?
  • What is their n°1 customer service challenge?

This infographic sums up how respondents have reacted, focussing on main pain point areas customer service managers are currently experiencing. Have a read below, then I’ll ask for your feedback about them. 👇

State of CS & CX 2023

Useful read: since getting a proper budget for customer service is still quite often like climbing a steep hill, I suggest you to harness these actionable tips.

Over to you

Back to the main responses provided by customer service managers, I have a question for you : what’s your current top customer service challenge?

  1. Shrinking budgets
  2. Soaring costs
  3. Proving Digital Customer Service ROI
  4. Choosing the right technology / platform
  5. Getting leadership buy-in for your digital CS / CX initiatives
  6. …Other?

Have your say now: drop me a line or send a voice message.

Have great conversations. 👊

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