7 reasons to take care of digital conversations

7 reasons to take care of digital conversations

Someone said that ‘the devil’s in details’. Well, when it comes to dealing with customers over channels such as social media, live chat or messaging, that’s damn true.  In fact digital conversations may be tricky because you have to carefully read what the customer has written, detect their sentiment and then craft your answer. There’s much much more though: knowing when and how to use empathy, carefully choose the right tone of voice, prevent frictions and many more aspects. 

Actions speak loud

Having assessed thousands of digital conversations on behalf of my clients I’ve noticed that some actions are recurrent regardless the industry and, most of all, are very powerful.  That’s why today I’m glad to share with you 7 good reasons why you’d better take care of each conversation. In details.

1. Letting the customer feeling they’re welcome“ok, they don’t consider me as a just ticket to handled…”

2. Making customer’s life easier letting them save time and efforts“That’s all set for you, you don’t need to do anything else…”

3. Preventing frictions / customer’s frustration – “I understand your feelings and I’ll help you fix this problem…”

4. Proposing solutions instead of using negative expressions“What I can do for you is…”

5. Suggesting valuable alternatives“in this specific case you can choose between option A or option B…”

6. Proactively acting to consolidate customer’s trust“…Accordingly, I’ve already charged my colleagues to promptly investigate…”

7 Showing our best human side because we’re more than just a brand – “I’m doing business with nice people sharing my values…”

The time is now. Turn your agents into digital conversations specialists.

Have great conversations.x 

Over to you

Which above reasons resonate the most to you? How can you turn them into opportunities to build rock solid customer relationships? These are the first questions I suggest to those brands that have decided to invest in customer retention. Needless to say that these are also urgent matters for most customer service cultured organizations – especially during these tough times. Got questions? Feel free to get in touch. Meanwhile, stay abreast of Digital Customer Service subscribing to the newsletter.


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