Are you ready for video customer service?

Are you ready for video customer service?

Planet Earth, year 2021. More and more organizations have integrated new platforms and up-skilled their staff to cope with a huge, sudden demand for digital support. Accordingly, as new channels such as video are now being used for customer service in many industries, let’s have a look at this great opportunity to deliver superior experiences and consolidate customer’s trust. So fasten your seat belt and enjoy a real use case.

The Digital Customer Service boom

If we look at Digital Customer Service today, we realize that there’s been a strong acceleration in the last 12 months worldwide. That’s more than just a feeling as confirmed in a McKinsey study which have witnessed the rise of digital conversations since 2017. As you see below, this trend was already taking place before the 2020 boom (no need to explain why it happened).


A video customer service usage example

In this ever-changing scenario, I’m observing more industries starting to deliver video customer service: health, automotive, telco and others to follow soon. Yesterday for instance, I had a call with a financial services client already delivering video customer service for targeted customers. In a nutshell they’ve focussed on specific customer relation goals in order to:

  • Provide customers with advise on mortgages and other high value investments.
  • Lower customers efforts – by helping saving their time avoiding commuting for the above cases.
  • Let customers feel closer – having a real time video conversations with their customer service specialists.

…And of course achieving their business goals by:

  • Standing out from competitors becoming ‘pioneers’ in video support.
  • Improving overall customer experience, thus their KPIs (my client have increased in just 6 months either their CSAT and NPS scores).
  • Serving valuable assists to their sales and marketing teams increasing up & cross-selling conversions
  • Creating new know-how, turning their customer service staff into video customer assistants. That is also contributing to pave the way to create new internal career paths for managers and front line staff.

As for new competencies, download the skill-set model that I use with my clients to let them master digital conversations (now including video ones!).

Let’s talk about you

When you decide to deliver video support make sure to set clear goals beforehand. So ask yourself why doing it (purpose), who shall benefit (all customers or just a segment), what (all products / services or just few of them). Want to dive into this topic? Use this short interactive video to start our conversation!

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