Close the loop with your front line

Close the loop with your front line

When I was a kid my mother used to tell me: ‘make sure to lock the window, otherwise air drafts will get in!’ While that message was pretty clear to me, I could not imagine that it would remain relevant until today as for customer relationships. In particular whenever a 2° level support is necessary, i.e. you need to deal internally with other departments to handle a case. So what are the consequences if you don’t close the loop with your front line team?

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  • 00:03 Welcome to episode n°25
  • 00:51 Is the final answer to the customer really ‘final’?
  • 02:57 When you don’t close the loop with your front line! [a shocking case]
  • 04:27 Two risky consequences you just can’t afford
  • 06:35 How often do you review your internal communication procedures?
  • 08:45 Avoid the fast train towards obsolescence
  • 09:41 Have you subscribed to this podcast yet?
  • 09:57 All about services
  • 10:15 Questions / feedbacks? Hit me up:
  • 10:41 Learn more about the Customer Culture Academy

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After providing the final response to the customer, make sure to close the loop also with your front line / support team. Always keep them in the loop to prevent risky and counterproductive situations in the midst of a conversation with the customer. A final question for you: what’s your hottest Digital Customer Service challenge?

Let’s share our experiences in this informal chat.

Have great conversations. 👊

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