From agents to Digital Customer Service specialists

From agents to Digital Customer Service specialists

“Once upon a call…” [unknown author, 2010]

“One upon a chat…” [unknown author, 2020]

These sentences sum up how customer support has dramatically changed in just a few years. In fact for the first time ever, customers call the tune deciding which digital channel use, when and how to use it. Consequently, many organizations have the urgency to upskill their agents. If you are in the same position you can’t be stuck in a rut; learn how to build a rock solid team of Digital Customer Service specialists.

How to turn your agents into Digital Customer Service Assistants

Everybody can do anything…but not with the same results. In fact even the most experienced customer support agents often struggle to deliver when it comes to manage conversations over social media, live chat or messaging apps. The reason is simple: in order to the same great job you need bran new skills – so, even though you’re seasoned is like playing another sport. That’s why after helping many organizations hiring and training their DCS teams, I’ve written with my colleague Maurizio Mesenzani Digital Customer Personas©: the skill-set model for Digital Customer Service Assistants’. In this ebook you’ll find the framework including:

  • Main digital channels clusters
  • The essential traits needed to become digital customer assistants broken down as per knowledge, capabilities and attitudes
  • Case studies

Download the ebook ↓DCS-personas-ENG-cover

Have great conversations.

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