Get customer service involved into sales

Get customer service involved into sales

A typical trait of an evolved customer service culture organization is building bridges between departments. In fact they focus on enhancing internal communication to get aligned, since either commercial areas (sales, marketing) and support teams share a common business goal: building long lasting, profitable relationships with the customer. So let’s see how you may effectively get your customer service involved into sales.

Where customer service shall create sales opportunities

Your customer support staff have interactions with prospects and customers on a daily basis over different channels (phone, email, social media, live chat, messaging). Such conversations are your golden nuggets because they cover either objective [O.] and emotional [E.] facets of the customer. For example:

  • Product / service features [O.]
  • Costs  [O.]
  • Support channels [O.]
  • Time [E.]
  • Efforts [E.]
  • Ambitions [E.]

Get inspiration from 3 common approaches that brands have towards digital support.

The winning formula

If you want to enable your digital customer service team to convert sales, the mantra is definitely carpe diem – and I’ll show you how to achieve that in the next lines. In fact during conversations there are ‘diamond moments’💎 when customers express their desires and feelings. That’s just half of the deal though. The very art is detecting such moments in a timely fashion and linking them to when customers let you know that they are extremely satisfied with the service. Accordingly the winning formula is:

Detecting customer facets [Objective / Emotional]  + acknowledging their super service satisfaction] = grabbing the sales moment [up / cross-selling].

Is your customer service involved into sales yet?

If you’re already delivering or planning to do so, you’ll want to know how to turn your customer service into a business driver, alongside with sales and marketing departments. So let’s start our conversation now: just reply to  this short interactive video with text, audio or video.

Have great conversations.

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