How do you integrate digital support channels?

How do you integrate digital support channels?

If you lead a customer service team, chances are you had to increase the number of digital support channels in the last 12/24 months. Maybe you’re even planning to launch a further one this year? As I’m sure that you’re aware of major implications when it comes to integrating them into your customer service environment, I got you covered: learn how to optimize time and results.

3 up-skilling priorities for customer service managers

I’ve been having many conversations with customer service managers about the above topic which is essential to let your Digital Customer Service plan successfully grow. To sum them up, their most frequent urgencies lie within the following questions:

  1. ‘How do I Integrate digital channels in my customer service seamlessly and harmoniously?’ [Between the lines] We are having a mismatch between traditional channels and digital ones affecting customer experiences. Accordingly it’s having an impact on sales, both up/cross-selling and new business.
  2. ‘Shall I embrace the same metrics or introducing ad hoc KPIs as for digital support channels?’ [Between the lines] We’re aware that we need a different evaluation approach on digital conversations but we still don’t know what we’d better measure.
  3. ‘Are our current procedures and guidelines still effective across digital channels?’ [Between the lines] We have realized that our internal and external customers have upgraded expectations…but we are not sure we’re doing it right!

Get them all fixed up with ‘DCS Manager’

After listening to such questions, I’ve answered providing customer service managers with a specific solution. That’s why I’m introducing you to DCS Manager, my 1-to-1 coaching path, designed to let you optimize time, efforts and results: watch this short video presentation (42 seconds) then click the red button below to get more information.

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It’s all in your hands – have great conversations.

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