Stand out or go home! Said the customer

Stand out or go home! Said the customer

Can you please take this 5-minute survey?‘ or ‘have you considered our new [product/service] yet?’ I guess you’re pretty familiar with such incoming messages in your inbox. In fact there’s a rough battle for customer’s attention going on, with too many voices asking for customer’s most valuable assets: time and money. The good news is that you can cut the noise and stand out from competitors, becoming number one customer’s choice.

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  • 00:03 Welcome to episode n°24
  • 00:49 Have you ever received such email requests? [Real case examples]
  • 03:15 Dear company, stand out or go home! – Said the customer
  • 04:09 Nurturing and consolidating trust in the long run
  • 05.35 In or out: the customer experience moment of truth
  • 07:01 Leverage these 5 drivers to attract and win the customer
  • 08:57 The essential support agent’s personal trait
  • 11:01  Frustrating experiences you just can’t afford anymore
  • 13:20 Want a copy of this report? Just hit me up:
  • 14:45 When customers start the conversation in the wrong channel
  • 15:29 From agents to digital conversations specialists with DCS Personas©
  • 19.11 Integrate digital support channels wisely
  • 20:55 Wrap up: what you bring home from this episode
  • 21:41 Have you subscribed to this podcast yet?
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From a customer’s perspective what are you doing to keep standing out today and in the long run? What Digital Customer Service challenges and opportunities are you currently facing?

Let’s start an informal chat about this topic.

Have great conversations. 👊

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