Using AI during or after the conversation?

Using AI during or after the conversation?

Many Customer Service Managers are wondering how to integrate and harness Artificial Intelligence. In particular, what’s the ultimate goal? Who would benefit from it? Shall we use GenAI during or after the conversation? In this podcast I’m sharing the results of a laser-focussed survey that I launched a couple of weeks ago, just on these topics: enjoy it and feel free to have your say in the comments.

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  • 00:03 Intro episode #35 
  • 00:41 Two speaking experiences, different markets, same challenges
  • 01:51 Check out my speaking page and hire me at your next conference
  • 02:41 Three key questions customer service manager ask themselves
  • 03:33 Will you take advantage of AI during or after the conversation?
  • 04:11 The stunning results of my laser-focussed survey
  • 06:11 How to use AI as a ‘live coach’ for customer support agents
  • 07:09 AI for quality checks over digital conversations at scale
  • 07:45 GenAI to optimize reports – and interpretation thereof
  • 08:21 Other examples of using GenAI in customer service
  • 09:51 Are you adapting KPIs to digital channels peculiarities?
  • 11:25 [Recap] the 1 million dollar question for you
  • 12:15 Get in touch:
  • 12:39 Check out all available services on
  • 13:31 Get my book ‘The Power of Digital Conversations’ on Amazon
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What stage of adoption are you in?

I’m curious to know how you are going to use GenAI to boost to take your Customer Service department to the next level. On my side I’d be happy to share my experience as a consultant; so now it’s over to you.

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Have great conversations. 👊

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