Why digital customer conversations pay off

Why digital customer conversations pay off

As more and more organizations and industries embrace Digital Customer Service, they become aware of a vast array of business opportunities. Some of them though, get stuck when facing the first difficulties questioning their whole journey (!). Main reason for that is that they lose sight on the bigger picture. Those instead who have enjoyed consistent results maintain focus on interactions because digital customer conversations pay off.

‘Well, it did not work…’

Even if you invest in the most innovative tools, such as omni-channel platforms integrating social media, live chat and messaging you may be yet providing poor customer experiences. In fact some customer service managers I have regular conversations with complain about their KPIs hiccups (e.g CSAT floating up and down every 2-3 months over social media, whilst having lower or higher rates over other channels). Such situations for them is like sailing on a sea with unpredictable weather conditions – not the best one, uh? Moreover, as a consequence, customer service agents tend to feel frustrated and overstressed. This is the ‘issue in the issue’ because motivation is key to provide good-to-great customer experience; I know it from first hand experience since I used to be a support agent some years ago. That’s why smart organizations who have successfully leveraged Digital Customer Service have also empowered their support teams.

‘It did work because…’

Now let me walk you into the core of this piece, because it’s the most fruitful indeed. I’m talking about taking care of digital conversations in details, because:

  • Each of them permeates customer’s emotional perception, making or breaking the whole experience.
  • Delivering smooth, clear and effective conversations over different digital channels tone of voice lets you immediately stand out from competitors.
  • After an excellent conversation your customers are willing to consider further up & cross-selling opportunities – opening and reading marketing emails instead of putting them immediately into the trash bin.

End to endless - Accenture

In fact up-skilling customer service agents has become a priority (for smart organizations). Especially after the pandemic in 2020, customer’s demand for Digital Customer Service as well as digital conversations volumes have dramatically boomed. As I always say, responding is easy but providing support over social media, live chat, video chat or messaging is a different sport, even for seasoned agents. And it doesn’t happen overnight.

From agents to digital customer assistants

After helping many brands leveraging their digital customer conversations, I’ve decided to share DCS Persons©: the skill-set framework that identifies ad hoc competences as per each cluster of digital support channel. I use DCS Personas© to design and deliver customized training paths for my clients, helping them turn their support agents into digital conversations specialist. Now it’s your time, because digital conversations pay off.

DCS Personas cover

Steal your copy here.


Have great conversations.

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