You in the customer culture pyramid

You in the customer culture pyramid

Just got back from two conferences where I attended as a speaker. Different markets and audiences, Italy and Germany, yet the same hype over Artificial Intelligence in Digital Customer Service. Moreover, a common awareness: smart companies leverage digital conversations to deliver outstanding experiences. Those instead who just focus on technology struggle in the Customer Culture Pyramid, missing business opportunities.

Three shaky topics

During the Q&A sessions of both conferences, customer service manager have many asked interesting questions. Some of them though, showed poor internal Customer Culture:

1. “We want to spread emotional intelligence within our company but our top management tends to be reluctant. How can we convince them?”.

2. “We have set up a 3-year investment in Gen AI that implies a huge renovation of our customer service structure. How can we carry out such a change and at the same time maintain business as usual?”

3. “Our customer service team needs to be up-skilled on digital conversations. Can you suggest the easiest and cheapest way to make them ready over all digital support channels?”

The Customer Culture Pyramid

As you may have noticed, all the above questions show that some brands are still searching for a shortcut rather than facing their internal problems. What’s even worse? The more their technology evolves, the bigger their Customer Culture Gap becomes. Since in my 10 consulting years I’ve had conversations with companies belonging to different markets, industries and sizes I can easily tell their Customer Culture from the wordings they use. That’s why I’ve prepared the Customer Culture Pyramid that links each evolutional stage to specific ‘sentences’ (see infographic below).

Pyramid infographic

💡 To measure the Customer Culture gap within your organization, feel free to use the checklist on page 123 of my latest book ‘The Power of Digital Conversations‘.

Your next step

As you are a customer service leader I guess that Gen AI, digital up-skilling and Customer Culture are pretty hot topics. So I’m curious to know, which one is on your top priority list?

Let’s share our mutual experiences in this informal conversation.

Have great conversations.

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