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Fausto Turco

If you need to get your customer service in great shape, Paolo Fabrizio is the right person for you. In his workshops Paolo communicates clearly, with attention to detail and nuances. An excellent experience and a path that I recommend to everyone.

Fausto Turco, CEO SI-Net S.r.l.
Roberta Papini

Paolo is capable of conveying concepts in the classroom with efficiency and naturalness. He also constantly involves participants, making training super interactive. As a result, his workshops deliver digital customer service in an actionable and useful way.

Roberta Papini, CEO ShopSharing (Deutschland)
dolores vincenzo

Thanks to his experience and professionalism Paolo managed to understand our the needs and drove us towards the right direction to optimize our Digital Customer Service.

Dolores Vincenzo, Consumer Service Dr. Schaer S.p.A.

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