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Make your digital customer up-skilling rock

During this year I’ve had conversations with several customer service / experience managers about a vast array of topics. Amongst them, optimizing their operational models, upgrading KPIs and most of all digital customer up-skilling. In fact support teams need new, ad-hoc competencies, to master conversations over digital channels, as well as their customer service managers. [...]

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Are you still aligned with the customer?

The pandemic has hit hard most of companies that had to cope with sudden, extraordinary customer support demands. Two years later the waves have not become calmer though, due to the international political and economical uncertainty. In such a complex scenario we all – as consumers – have dramatically raised our expectations: that’s why getting [...]

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Learning by training support teams

‘How your ideal customer service training path should be?’ Whenever I ask this million-dollar question to new potential clients they change expression because they start thinking with a different perspective. So, since experiences speak louder than words, I’m going to tell you about my recent training support teams sessions. The reason why? I gave them [...]

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Becoming live chat conversations pro

I’ve recently carried out Digital Customer Service consulting and training activities for two clients. With both of them I’ve worked with their team members, letting them focus on live chat support. These two teams are now fully aware that handling live chat conversations like a pro doesn’t happen overnight. So let me show you what [...]

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How to prevent support agents burnout

If you have a customer service team, it is likely that they feel pretty much under pressure right now. In fact the last couple of years upheavals have overstressed them more than once. To such an extent that for some managers, preventing the risk of their support agents burnout is now a priority! So if [...]

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