Channel inconsistency kills the experience

Channel inconsistency kills the experience

“Whenever I call them they’re pretty clear and helpful, but when I send them a Whatsapp message it’s a nightmare.” That’s a typical complaint that customer may share at dinner with family and friends, but also one of the most frequent pet peeves affecting many customer service managers. So why on earth such a channel inconsistency happens and how can you prevent it?

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  • 00:03 Intro to episode n°27
  • 00:57 What lies behind such a technical word
  • 01:45 Different treatments create doubts and lower customer’s trust
  • 02:49 Has your customer service become schizophrenic?
  • 04:49 What customer service managers complain about
  • 05:25 Why channel inconsistency kills the experience
  • 06:05 The huge difference between adding and integrating a new channel
  • 06:47 A vivid real case example
  • 09:11 As a manager, have you done your homework yet?
  • 10:41 Let’s have an informal conversation:
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Channel inconsistency, especially between traditional and digital one kills the customer experience. What’s even worse is that such experiences generate doubts and dramatically reduce overall level of customers trust. So you just can’t afford it to lose potential sales!

Do you want to prevent channel inconsistency or put an effective remedy to it?

Let’s have an informal chat about this topic.

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