How to optimize conversations via Live Chat

How to optimize conversations via Live Chat

As digital channels are different one another, engagement rules with customers vary. Not being aware of that is just like leaving the keys of a new red Ferrari to an 18 year old at his first driving day. Pretty risky, uh? To help you prevent dreadful customer experiences I’m sharing case studies based on the work done with some clients of mine: last month  about building a team of Whatsapp specialists, today this new one on how to optimize support through conversations via Live Chat. Make good use of it!

Why this case study

The reason is simple: Live Chat is a complex channel but it’s still often underrated even by customer centric organizations. Consequently many brands stumble in the middle of a conversation asking themselves: “why in the world the customer suddenly got nervous?!” The fact is that Live Chat is a synchronous channel, so interactions take place almost in real time. Therefore being able to be fast but at the same time taking care of details in every moment is paramount. And I can tell you…it does not happen overnight.

Never underestimate high level of customer’s expectations and emotions from the very they start, up until the end of the conversation.

What you bring home

In this case study ‘how to optimize conversations via Live Chat’ you’ll get juicy insights:

  1. An overview of the main issues that the customer service team faced handling conversations via Live Chat, given the peculiarity of this channel (synchronous, with high customer’s expectations in terms of response speed and accuracy)
  2. How these problems have generated negative repercussions  internally – team members – as well as externally, deteriorating the customer experience.
  3. The customized solutions we have implemented to optimize conversations via Live Chat. The method we used, therefore the benefits that the client company was able to get in a short time.

🎧Bonus extra: an exclusive podcast to dive deep into the ‘how-tos’ of this case study.



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