How to use social media to help and sell

How to use social media to help and sell

When I chose CustomerServiceCulture’s payoff ‘conversations that sell’, I was thinking about social media. Today this motto has become reality for those who have leveraged interactions over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with their customers. How did they make it? Overcoming the rope game between marketing and customer service about who shall own social media. Accordingly, they’ve developed a win-win cooperation based on a simple mantra: help and sell.

Social media conversations belong to nobody – but the customer

It’s no secret that Marketing have started using social media way before customer support. In fact they’ve been the only keeper of social media conversations with customers for some years. Until customers started 4-5 years ago to interact with social media marketing content asking non-related questions to:

  • Get some information about products, services, usage, options, etc.
  • Complain about any occurred inconvenience
  • Ask for support whenever they feel they need it because it’s easier and faster compared to making a phone call

Such a game-changer has added pressure to brands and consequently created tensions between marketing and customer service: who should reply to customer’s queries over social media? In what cases? How? With which time frame? As I have many conversations with various organizations, I guarantee you that such questions are still an issue for some of them!

Evolve your culture to help and sell over social media 

Others instead, have taken a great leap forward taking clear decisions that have helped customer service and marketing departments focussing on their priorities and dramatically improve cooperations. Want to learn more about HOW they did it? Here are five picked reads for you:

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4. Get your support optimized over social media‘ [case study] Learn about main challenges that a company have faced dealing with growing volumes of social media conversations. Learn also about the solutions to optimize social interactions…

5. The Digital Customer Service Personas© [skill-set model] discover the essential competencies, capabilities and knowledge to turn support agents into digital conversation specialists…

Your step further

Are you just responding to your customers over social or leading the conversation? If you want to serve wonderful assists for your marketing / sales colleagues, embrace the help and sell mantra. Now let’s talk about your next goals: use this brief interactive video to start our private conversation. ↓

Have great conversations.

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