That line of support that keeps you up

That line of support that keeps you up

A few days ago I have finished delivering a 5-month customer service training path for a french client company. I was a bit emotional because I feel part of their team and they’ve confirmed it’s likewise for them! On the very last session I delved into a specific topic, also known as second line of support. Since that’s still a pain point for many companies – maybe for yours? – I share experiences and actionable tips.

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  • 00:03 Welcome to episode n°23
  • 00:57 It all started a few days ago during a training session…
  • 01:57 The difference between first and second line of support
  • 05:39 What happens when customer agents engage other departments
  • 07:45 Have you ever had such a frustrating experience?
  • 09:51 The bottleneck: why many second line issues need to be fixed [example]
  • 12:11 The question that the customer should never ask themselves
  • 13:31 Get to know my customer service training paths
  • 14:07 Got questions? Drop me a line:
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  • 15:01 Jump on services pages
  • 15:28 Learn about the Customer Culture Academy

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  4. My three values drive my way both professionally and personally every single day.

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Over to you

The second line of support is still a pet peeves for those companies that did not upgraded their cross-department processes. In fact today, more than ever, internal communication is key to deliver consistent excellent experiences – thus to consolidate customer’s trust. Question for you: in your organization do other departments provide the customer service team with quick and effective information / solutions?

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